Our Hospital

Our hospital features a 24-hour physician-staffed emergency room. We also provide air ambulance accessibility and work in conjunction with the Madison County Ambulance District for ambulance services.

We have a wide variety of specialty providers available including, but not limited to the following: Surgery, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Radiology. The nursing specialties include Medical, Emergency, Surgery, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification.

Allied Health Services

Skilled Medicare/Swing Bed Program

What is a Swing Bed Program?

Madison Medical Center’s Swing Bed program provides many benefits to the families we serve. Our program provides an alternative to prolonged acute hospitalization or short term nursing home placement for post-acute extended care. The program’s purpose is to assist patients in improving their physical, emotional and social function to become as independent as possible. We provide rehabilitation and recovery services based on the patient’s individual needs.

Who would benefit from our Swing Bed Program?

Patients requiring acute medical care are usually hospitalized for a short time. Upon discharge from an acute hospital stay, some patients require further medical care to help them return to the level of functioning they had prior to their hospitalization. The MMC Swing Bed Program helps patients achieve this goal through its hospital based provision of skilled nursing care and rehabilitation.



To receive Skilled Nursing Medicare benefits, you must have been hospitalized for at least a 3 midnight stay/days within the past 30 days. In addition, you must also require 24-hour skilled nursing care or full-time therapy services.

Medicare will cover the total cost of the first 20 days of your skilled stay, except for any charges that Medicare does not allow (for example, telephone charges and laundry fees). On the 21st day, you will have a Medicare co-pay. For 2019, the per day co-pay amount is approximately $171. If you have a supplemental insurance, these additional costs may be covered. The maximum number of skilled nursing care days covered by Medicare may be up to 100 days per benefit period. No benefits are available after 100 days of care in a “benefit period”.

If the facility determines you no longer require skilled nursing care, then you no longer qualify for Medicare Skilled Nursing coverage. A “Denial Letter” must be issued to you by the facility stating the decision. If you disagree with the decision, you may appeal by calling 1-800-347-1016.

For more information on Medicare coverage and your rights, call Medicare at 1-800-390-3330.